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What's Your Heaven?

7 Lessons to Heal the Past and Live Fully Now

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From internationally acclaimed intuitive self-improvement advisor and psychic medium Rebecca Rosen, a unique guide to personal and spiritual growth that shows you how to tap into the divine wisdom to address your biggest personal challenges head-on and create the life of your dreams.

Born with extraordinary gifts, psychic medium Rebecca Rosen occupies an in-between place, serving as a bridge between two worlds—the physical world of everyday problems and the spiritual world where surprising assistance is there for each of us to access. As an intuitive, she can tap into a deeper source of wisdom, and over her decades of experience with this work, the biggest lesson is that each of us has a divine purpose, and it is our greatest responsibility to fulfill it.

In What’s Your Heaven?, Rebecca offers a powerful, positive answer to the eternal question: Why are we here? Her connection to the spiritual realm has taught her that every one of us was assigned a purpose at birth; our job in this “Earth school” is to fulfill this destiny. And yet, painful family histories, personal trauma, and unhealthy cycles distract and confuse us, preventing us from enjoying a heavenly life.

What’s Your Heaven? teaches you how to connect to the deepest sources of wisdom within and around you – in order to live with more intention and honesty, identify your biggest lessons, and embrace the personal “homework” you’ll have to complete to become the person you were meant to be. Rebecca provides prompts, exercises, and thought-provoking questions to guide you to push through the roadblocks that impede your success.

So many of us avoid doing this work In What’s Your Heaven?, Rebecca shares moving stories of those who have passed on and share the same message again and again: Don’t wait; address the tough stuff and begin living the life of your dreams.

Combining the inspiring wisdom of self-improvement gurus Gabrielle Bernstein and Chani Nichols with the comforting, soulful insights of Laura Lynn Jackson, What’s Your Heaven? can help you begin to create a more meaningful, peaceful, and satisfying life today.

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Rebecca Rosen

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Psychic medium Rebecca Rosen's down-to-earth style has led to national media appearances on Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Nightline, and Rachael Ray, a monthly column on Oprah.com, and a series of highly popular workshops and seminars across the country. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her family.