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Smarter Not Harder

The Biohacker's Guide to Getting the Body and Mind You Want

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World-renowned biohacker and bestselling author Dave Asprey’s most accessible guide to human health, revealing how to maximize your well-being with the minimum effort.

If you want to lose weight, boost your energy, or strengthen your mind, there are shelves filled with books offering a myriad of advice, most of it confusing and often conflicting. For many disenchanted with the state of the healthcare system, the non-traditional wellness industry is a siren call—but these alternative sources can be just as indecipherable and contradictory. To achieve and maintain optimum health, Dave Asprey advises, you need to be smart and take control of your own well-being.

In Better Than Normal, this proven master of biohacking clears through the clutter to chart a unique, science-backed approach to health. The key to achieving optimum wellness, he reveals, isn’t about doing more, it’s about doing less—exercising and eating smarter, not harder, and making the body’s built in laziness work for you.

Better Than Normal is not a diet nor a fitness plan. It is a hack aimed at harnessing your metabolic, neurological, and epigenetic systems and getting them working at peak power. Dave provides a comprehensive guide to achieving physical and mental wellness. It is packed with practical, commonsense, easy to understand information on better eating, including food advice and supplement suggestions; smart workouts that give you more strength and more energy in less time; targeted recovery strategies, and more.

Dave’s advice is informed by his dedication to true health. His hacks stem from his own experiments with diet and exercise, backed by cutting-edge tech and research. Better Than Normal reveals the laziness principle—the reason why most diets and fitness plans fail—and shows how to stop fighting against it and instead bend it to your will. This new approach can help you achieve lasting health, and profoundly change your life.

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Dave Asprey

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Dave Asprey is a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, professional biohacker, the New York Times bestselling author of Game Changers, Head Strong and The Bulletproof Diet, the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, and the host of Bulletproof Radio, the Webby Award-winning, number one-ranked podcast. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia.