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Meet the Author: Cara Clark

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Cara Clark is the owner and primary nutritionist of Cara Clark Nutrition. Her philosophy about helping others become more present and joyful by creating balance and engaging in the whole self—mind, body and spirit—has been adopted by over 20,000 households, including those of numerous celebrities and Olympic athletes. Cara is also a certified sports and clinical nutritionist specializing in performance athletes, as well as diabetes, prenatal, and postpartum nutrition. She lives in Orange County with her husband and four daughters.

Books by Cara Clark

The Wellness Remodel

A Guide to Rebooting How You Eat, Move, and Feed Your Soul

Book cover image: The Wellness Remodel: A Guide to Rebooting How You Eat, Move, and Feed Your Soul | USA Today Bestseller | National Bestseller

The star of HGTV’s hit show Flip or Flop, Christina Anstead, partners with nutritionist Cara Clark to offer a fresh perspective on health and wellness that incorporates nutrition, movement, and mindfulness for a total remodel of mind and body.  More »